The Duomo : from the inside

{ May 2011 - Florence, Italy } 

Staying just steps away from the Duomo in Florence on our three days there, means that we were never far away from the beautiful cathedral. It was the landmark that guided us when we first reached Florence, and ended up watching a sbandieratori right in front of the cathedral. We walked past it everyday when we started our days in Florence and had breakfasts (espresso and croissant, of course!) in the nearby cafes. The big brick dome also helped us to orientate ourselves when seeing Florence from afar.

We woke up early one day to climb the dome. The climb up the dome, or cupola in Italian, provided a close up view of the breathtaking frescoes. I would not even attempt to describe it as my level of vocabulary would not be able to give it enough credit. I mean, look at it! I fully expected one of the Roman gods (or were they mere mortals?) to jump down from the roof!

Continuing the upward climb up brought us right outside the Dome. We could walk around the Dome along a narrow corridor, together with the many tourists from all around the world that found their way up there. With the strong and cold wind, but sunny blue skies, it provided a great vantage point of the city of Florence. Of course, being right on the Dome means we could not see the Dome that is the most recognisable landmark of Florence.

Back on the ground, the cathedral is free to visit for all those who queued to get in. The high and white ceiling contrasted with the colourful marble floor. There were many work of arts, decorations and mosaics. Like most of the churches that I have been to in Italy, the number of masterpieces did not fail to amaze me.


The Duomo is definitely a must-go for any trip to Florence. Somehow, it still managed to be different from the churches that I had been in Italy. And boy, had I been to many churches in Italy.

::: Footnotes :::

{ Basilica di Santa Maria del FioreBetter known as the Duomo, the cathedral is free to visit, and is opened from 10am to 5pm on most days of the week. The Dome, on the other hand, costs €8 to climb and is worth it, just to get a closer look of the amazing frescoes above the cathedral. Of course, you would also get the view of Florence from above. The Dome is open for visits from 8.30am on Mondays to Saturdays, closing at 7pm except at 5.40pm on Saturdays. Check the website for detailed opening hours before going!

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