Sbandieratori in Florence, Italy

{ May 2011 - Florence, Italy } 

Where Rome was massive, Florence was compact. Where Rome has its ancient treasures, Florence has countless Renaissance arts. If Rome is the political centre, then Florence is the artistic city. If Rome is the pulse and heart of Italy, then Florence is the soul.

Walking from the train station towards Piazza del Duomo, we caught a glimpse of the green and white facade of the Duomo from a distance. The basilica looked so different from all the ones we have seen in our travels in Italy thus far, that I knew that Florence was going to give us something new.

And, the best part was that there was an event happening right on the piazza. Sbandieratori, it's called. The art of flag-throwing was from the medieval times, and we were lucky enough to be right there when they started performance, with luggage in tow. Still not sure what the point of the whole thing was, but this I know - two groups of Italian men in tights, waving and throwing flags towards each other. What's not to like?



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