A year in reflection, and another in anticipation


2010: In Reflection

The list of the places I went in 2010 is, unfortunately, quite short. Due to work, I was unable to travel as much as I want this year. Most of them were also short weekend trips around Singapore, and all were in and around Asia. 
The highlight of my travel in 2010 would be Japan - the country that I have heard so much of, and finally had a chance to see. Simply love all the contradictions and juxtapositions in the country.

There had also been lots of beach holidays, which is weird for someone who doesn't like water! Well, goes to show that I needed lots of breaks where I can relax in 2010.

2011: In Anticipation

Promised myself a year full of travels for 2011! Here are some holidays that I am planning and (finger-crossed) that I am going...
  • Italy - For at least two weeks, covering Venice, Florence and Rome, among others
  • Taiwan - Probably choose a few main cities to visit, and not do the full island loop that most people do
  • Hong Kong and Macau - Still can't believe I haven't made my way to Hong Kong yet! I have always managed to postpone or changed the holiday to elsewhere! Not much of a city girl, I guess! So, maybe a short trip to Hong Kong just to tick it off my list, but I think I would prefer Macau to Hong Kong.
  • Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, Malaysia - More excited about Sandakan than Kota Kinabalu. Want to visit the Orang Utans and turtles in Sandakan (Orang Utan sanctuary and Turtle Island). Not sure about climbing Mount Kinabalu, though!
  • Singapore - Likewise for Singapore. There are places that I have yet to go, like Universal Studios and Night Safari. Wonder if there are any nooks and crannies to explore in Singapore?
Other places that I am thinking of are Chiang Mai in Thailand and Myanmar (but not sure if it is safe to go). How about visiting the great pyramids in Egypt? And would it be too much if I plan another trip to Europe, covering London and Paris, or even Germany?

I'm even thinking of taking half a year off (or maybe 3 months?) just to travel around Europe! But haven't had the courage to really put that in motion.

Well, let's hope that 2011 brings lots of opportunities for me to travel (and have to be more disciplined to write about them)!

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