To see Penang with fresh tourist eyes!

Every time I'm back in my hometown, Penang, I told myself that I will try to see the city with fresh tourist eyes - to explore, to experience and to see all that Penang has to offer. I have left Penang for more than 10 years but had been going home at least a few times a year. No matter where I have been, Penang is, and will always be close to my heart.

Reading an article in the New York Times entitled "In Malaysia, Tourists are Lured By George Town's Colorful Past" brought back the tourist side of me. It reminded me of the many reasons I love about Penang - how it is growing and developing rapidly, and yet all the rich history and culture continued to be part of Penangites' daily lives. A quote from the article describes Penang's cultural heritage...
All of this builds on a unique multi-ethnic and multi-religious heritage. The legacy of waves of immigrants from Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia over several hundred years is writ large in the city’s architecture and the seemingly constant street theater of its religious festivals and celebrations. The muezzin’s call from the Kapitan Keling Mosque is answered by bells rung across the street at the Sri Mahamariamman Temple; the clack of mah-jongg tiles drifts from the doorways of Chinese clan and trade associations, and small-scale trades like tinsmithing and incense production are still practiced.
I promised that I will look at Penang with fresh tourist eyes when I'm back home! Who knows what would be in store for me? 

Goddess of Mercy (or Kuan Yin) Temple - The oldest Chinese temple in Penang

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