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A new year is always a time when one reflects and considers what has been achieved the year before and what one aims to achieve the next year. I did a reflection of my year in travel and the places I wish to go this year. So, here's another challenge for myself this year: to increase the number of readers to my blog!

It started off about one and a half year ago as a place for me to jot down my thoughts, especially on my travels. I have started countless journals over the years, and was never organised or disciplined enough to continue. I figured, if I put everything on a website, I would have all of them in the same place. One and a half years and 85 posts later, I wished to put my blog "out there" (so to speak) for all to read and see. With just one problem - I have no idea where to start! Well, I did manage to get into Lonely Planet's Featured Blogger program, so that's a start.

So, when I read about this 1000-1000 Blog Challenge, I decided to put myself up for the challenge. The idea is to build the blog up to 1000 visitors per day and to earn US$1000 per month. I would be happy to increase my readership, and the money would be great to fund my travel! Still not quite sure how I'll achieve that, but let's take it one step at a time, ya?

So, here's to a great year of travel and travel writing!

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