Walking along Kloof Street

{ April 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa }

After lunch at Cafe Paradiso, we walked along Kloof Street to The Company's Garden. It was an easy 20 minutes stroll (with lots of stops to snap photos) under the beautiful weather of Cape Town. Along the way, we saw why Cape Town was voted as the World Design Capital 2014. The shops' signs, the road signs, and just the city seems to be beaming with creativity! And that's just one street near where we were staying.

I remembered thinking, "I think I am going to like this city".

First lunch in Cape Town at Café Paradiso

{ April 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa }

Our first lunch in Cape Town set the standard for our meals in the city. The food was delicious and fresh at Café Paradiso, with an amazing view of the Table Mountain. The outdoor seats were casual yet charming, and the waiter was friendly and helpful. A perfect combination for a great casual lunch.

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Café Paradiso
110 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel +27 21 423 8653. 

The Company's Garden on our first jet-lagged day in Cape Town

{ April 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa }

Before I went to Cape Town, I have heard that it is a beautiful city. Even then, that did not prepare me for what we experienced and felt on our trip there. We spent about 5 days in the city and that was probably just enough to really experience it.

We arrived in Cape Town after a 14 hours flight from Singapore, with a one hour layover in Johannesburg. We drove our rented car to our amazing apartment/hotel in Gardens, Cape Town. The view of the Table Mountain greeted us in almost every single turn, making such a wonderful backdrop to the city.

Feeling a little jet-lagged, we decided to take it slow for the day, having lunch and walking around the area, experiencing the city. We made our way to The Company's Garden. It is a small garden right in the middle of the city, with trees and flowers, and many scampering squirrels! Various buildings are situated around the garden, including the National Gallery, Library, Parliament and a cathedral. It was a lovely place to start our trip.

The squirrels (and birds)

The buildings

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