Bruno Mars moonshining in Singapore

You know how certain songs are tied to certain events? Well, our road trip from Singapore to Kuantan back in 2010 will always be associated with the song Grenade. The song kept playing on the radio throughout our drive. I mean, if a guy says that he'll catch a grenade for you, I'm sure you will take notice too!

That was the first time I took notice of Peter Gene Hernandez, or better known as Bruno Mars. He is one of those singers out there who can actually sing amazingly well. Of course, his groove and moves make him a great performer!

His concert in Singapore on 26 March 2014 was an evening of great music, great showmanship and lots of great moves. It was a tad short, as I would have loved to keep hearing him groove. Most of the songs were performed with his band member, and it was when he sang "When I Was Your Man" that you can feel his emotions - a man with his guitar singing about lost love. Would love it if he did more of that - no band, no moves, just a man singing. He has the voice and the talent to do just that.

Looking forward to more great songs, from this talented singer and musician!

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