Our Lady of Paris

{ Mar 2012 - Paris, France }

That's the translation for the name of this gothic cathedral, the famous Notre-Dame de Paris. The first time I came across this name and cathedral would be the Disney's animation The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

From one end of Île de la Cité, we walked by Sainte-Chappele (did not manage to get in) and La Conciergerie (where prisoners were kept during the French Revolution, including Marie Antoinette). We were met with this imposing symmetrical gothic facade. There were lots of people on the square in front admiring the facade. We were mesmerised by the front and was so excited, that we went straight in!

The inside of the cathedral was as beautiful as the outside - from the nave, the apse, the organ, the alter and the chandelier hanging down from the ceiling. And of course, we went up to the roof and towers to see some of the older bells and the gargoyles! They all looked different with different positions. It would definitely have been a better experience if it wasn't for the grills on the roof. I could definitely imagine, the hunchback bell-ringer Quasimodo, living here!

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