First day in Paris

{ Mar 2012 - Paris, France}

Before I started to plan the trip to Paris, I was never a Paris kind of girl. When I think of Paris, I thought of those classy Parisian ladies with their Chanel bags and stilettos. I am not one of those, and while France was in my list of country to visit, I never really yearned to go.

That is, until I started seeing photos of miniature Eiffel Tower, started watching French movies (love Audrey Tautou!) and read about living and travelling in France. That probably started in late 2010, started planning the trip to Paris (and around) in late 2011 and was there in spring 2012!

When I reached Paris, I probably caught the Paris syndrome. It caught me by surprised just how beautiful and mesmerising it was. I kept telling myself and my boyfriend then (now, husband), "We are in Paris!" While I expected it to be pretty, the real thing was more than I expected. There was just something about it, something that I can't really pinpoint even till now. The architecture? The people? The air? The light?

From the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, we walked along the River Seine, visited the famous Notre Dame and bought the book "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" from the bookstore Shakespeare and Company. Paris, with its grey roof, red chimney and iron balcony railings, managed to captivate me like no other city had ever done.

And all this was on my first jet-lagged day in Paris. I was excited to see what else the city has to offer!

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