Which city will I choose to live in?

That was the question I asked myself and my husband. Of all the cities in the world, if we were given a chance, which city will we choose to live in? It does not have to be permanent. It could just be for a couple of years.

Well, it did not take us long to both came to the same answer - Paris, the city of lights. A city so pretty and beautiful, that it is long associated with being love and romance. A city which I was so excited about while planning the trip, and I was even more excited when we were there. Everything about the city surpasses my expectations (well, except for the smell under the bridge by the Seine River). It is arty, it is beautiful, it has an air about it and yet, still friendly enough to draw me in. Of course, if we live there, we will definitely take the chance to hop on the train (or flight) and travel around Europe!

Now, all I need is to figure out how get us there and to learn French.

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