Scrapbook: over the weekend

Spent the weekend working, and realised how empty the streets are in the central business district on weekends.

However, I was able to have a slow breakfast outdoor with the cool rainy breeze. Enjoyed eating local breakfast while watching many tourists having traditional local breakfast. Saw a family of Caucasians who ordered the breakfast set but wanted to eat it the western way - with salt and pepper. Of course, the uncle tried to explain the local way of eating with soya sauce and pepper, but they don't seem convinced. Wonder if that is how I am when I travel!

Queued for around an hour and a half to have dim sum in the Michelin starred Tim Ho Wan in Singapore. The wait is still shorter than the original tiny shop with 20 seats in Hong Kong. While I am not usually one to queue for food, I have to say that I do not mind queuing up again!

Watched the movie Rush with the amazing Chris Hemsworth (who looks so much older than he actually is). It is amazing how much zeal and determination these drivers have that make them risks so much and tried so hard to win a race and to get what they want. I wonder what goes on in their mind.

Watched a clip of the funny Jimmy Fallon with Justin Timberlake conversing in #hashtag.

Bought a new toy for our next trip. Hope the camera does not fall!

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