This time next week

This time next week
I will be enjoying a beautiful sunset
amongst the bright blue roof with white-washed buildings.

The Addams Family

{ Singapore - July 2013 }

Take a famous beloved albeit weird family from a cartoon / TV series / movie and turn it into a musical. It has such huge potential to be funny and entertaining. Well, The Addams Family musical was entertaining and sometimes funny, but it felt like a normal family doing funny creepy things. Rather than a weird family doing what they think is normal, making it funny and creepy. Which is what the Addams Family should be about.

So what do I like about the musical? The opening song was a fun one - with catchy finger snapping tunes - making use of the opening song from the original TV series. Which says something about the musical when the best song is a reproduction of the original song. 

I caught the musical during the Asian tour in Resorts World Sentosa in July 2013. 

40 Days of Dating

Read a few "days" from the blog "40 Days of Dating" where two long-time friends decided to engage in an experiment where they started dating each other for 40 days, and told their stories through a series of daily blog posts. The posts were published on a daily basis, with beautiful and creative visuals. Each day both of them answer a series of questions. An interesting experiment, that uses the power of technology and through social websites became vastly popular. Who knows, maybe it will be turned into a movie one of these days.

Snapshot taken from the website 40 Days of Dating.

Travel Tips: What to do in Penang, Malaysia

Here's a short simple guide on things to do and places to go in Penang. They include some of my favourite places to go whenever I am back home in Penang.

Check out this page for the list of places to eat.

Recommended places to go for a heritage feel

{ Heritage sites around Armenian Street } Spot all the street art around the area! Old shophouses with charming shops.

{ Visit the clan temples } Khoo Kongsi, Cheah Kongsi, Yap Kongsi and many more.

{ Walk the planks of the clan jetties } Tan Jetty has nice long plank-y walk out to the sea. Be careful!

{ Visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion } At 29 Church Street. Baba and Nyonya architecture, furniture and antiques.

{ Around Light St and Beach St (Lebuh Pantai) } Beach Street is also known locally as “Bank Street” with many colonial style buildings. Light Street has the Victoria Clock Tower, Fort Cornwallis, Town Hall, City Hall, etc.

Recommended places to go for a spiritual feel (and food)

{ Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Temple) } At Masjid Kapitan Keling Road. Lor Mee next to the temple is pretty good.

{ Kapitan Keling Mosque } At Masjid Kapitan Keling Road. Famous ‘Nasi Kandar Beratur’ next to it – Beratur means queue, so be prepared to do that! Opens at 10pm onwards, till late!

{ All the clan temples around the heritage area } Khoo Kongsi, Cheah Kongsi, Yap Kongsi, Teochew Temple, etc.

{ St George’s Church } At Farquhar Street.

{ Kek Lok Si Temple } In Air Itam. Can have the famous Asam Laksa next to the Air Itam market after visiting, and my favourite “squatting” Curry Mee.

{ Snake Temple } In Bayan Lepas. There used to be many snakes around the temples, but there are now only a handful. A little far from the city!

Recommended places to go for shopping (and food)

{ Along Gurney Drive } This is the main shopping street with Gurney Plaza, and the new Paragon. If you shop till night fall, you can eat at the Gurney Drive Hawkers Centre. Lots of choices, with some good food even though it may be packed with tourists. Prices may be a little steeper than other places. Lots of laksa stalls (walk around, and try to sniff for the best stall!), char koay teow (look for the one with long queue), ‘jiu hu eng chai’ (cuttlefish salad with kangkung), rojak (Ah Chye’s Rojak). After eating, walk along the drive for sea breeze.

{ Straits Quay } In the newly developed Seri Tanjong Pinang. Not really for shopping, but a nice area to hang out for food and interesting shops. With a marina with yachts.

agitated spider

Saw the most surprising watch that uses the Singlish term "kan cheong spider" very well! It was unexpected, and definitely put a smile on my face. What better use than to put it on a watch face!

And to those not familiar with the colloquial Singaporean English, Singlish, term, here's the meaning (thanks to the Singlish dictionary)
kan cheong /kahn cheong, kɑn tʃiːɒŋ/ a. [Cant. 紧 kan urgent, in haste, pressing, important + 张 cheung to bend a bow; to extend, to stretch; to open; Mand. jĭnzhāng nervous, keyed up; tense, intense, strained: jĭn urgent, pressing, tense + zhāng open, spread, stretch; magnify, exaggerate
Also kancheong. 1 Nervous, keyed up. 2 Tense, intense, strained. 
Comb.: kan cheong spider n. & a. [Eng.] A n. A person with a nervous disposition, one who is easily flustered. B a. Kan cheong.

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Will you give up your seat to those who need them more?

If you are stopped and are asked the following questions, what will you answer? How do you think anyone will answer?
  • Will you give up your seat to those who need them more?
  • Will you move in for others to board?
  • Do you feel that it is faster for everyone when you queue up and give way to alighting passengers?

Well, I can bet you that 9 out of 10 (if not, 10 out of 10) people will answer "Yes!" to all three questions. So, I am not surprised by the result of the survey...
  • 94% say that they will give up their seats to those who need them more.
  • 96% say that they will move in for others to board.
  • 98% felt that it is faster for everyone when they queue up and give way to alighting passengers.

I mean, what do you really think the answers will be to such questions?

But the fact of the matter is, if you need such a campaign, doesn't it mean that you realised that there is a problem that needs to be solved? How does putting up such posters solve anything? I personally do not see commuters doing so.

I do not have the answers to solve the problem. But I definitely do feel like screaming at the people who are standing in the middle of the train carriage with so much spaces around them, refusing to move in, while those near the door are squashed like oranges and those in the station are unable to board.

And to those 1000 that were surveyed, remember that actions speak louder than words.

Whose Line is it Anyway...?

I have heard of the TV show "Whose Line is it Anyway...?", but I have never really watch it regularly. So, when the original stars of the legendary hit British TV show came to Singapore to perform, we went. I went without much expectations, and happy to say that I truly enjoyed it. 

The talented bunch of British comedians Andy Smart, Stephen Frost, Steven Steen and Ian Coppinger, made it a night to remember, and a night where I learnt to truly respect the wonderful and difficult job of a improvisation comedian. 

Gotta go for more comedy shows! 

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