Planning a holiday is more fun than planning a wedding

People expect the bride to be excited and happy about planning her wedding. I tried to be, but every time I switched on my laptop to start planning the wedding, I ended up daydreaming about where I want to go next. I will start reading up on new destinations, looking for air tickets and deciding where our next trip will be. I have now finished planning my honeymoon, and moved on to two more holidays after that. My wedding? Well, it is not really done yet.

Is there something wrong with me? Why aren't I excited on what some people call "the happiest day of your life". Well, if the wedding day is the happiest day of one's life, than that's pretty disappointing for the marriage life! Don't get me wrong, I am excited about being married, it is the process of getting to the state that I dread.

I have finally decided that planning a wedding is just not for me. The effort, the costs, the time required to plan the wedding is not just worth the end result. And I have already cut down the ceremony to be as simple as possible. I am not doing the full customary Chinese wedding, just the tea ceremony and the dinner reception. Even then, there is the hotel to choose, the invitation card, the cake, the colour of the table cloth and chair, the flowers, the dresses, the dishes to serve, the music to play, the photographer, the videographer, .....

And halfway through that, I found myself googling for flights to Myanmar.

Can we just elope? Paris, maybe?

Traditional Singapore breakfast

A must have traditional local breakfast if you found yourself in Singapore. 

kaya toast
soft boiled eggs
coffee with condensed milk

While you can find this in any local coffee shop, my favourite is still from Ya Kun Kaya Toast that have many branches all around the island. 


Did some yoga a few years back, but never really continued. Knowing that I need some exercise, I tried a few - run, walk, aerobics - but could never keep them up. 

I decided to take out my yoga mat and started with some simple yoga moves. Happy to report that I have managed to continue doing yoga for the last week or so. Hope that I will continue this, for a healthier lifestyle! 

Wish list

Some people called it their wish list, or bucket list, or even a simple to do list. Whatever you call them, I encourage you to have one! You can have simple and easy to achieve items like eating your favorite food, or visiting your local museum. Or you can have outrageous and hard to achieve ones like going to Antarctica, climb Mount Everest or even fly to the moon! Who knows? Maybe one day you will! 

The important thing about the list is to start one, keep adding more and most importantly, start ticking them off! The more interesting and exciting they are to you, the higher chance that you will actually do something to achieve it! 

Here's my list!  Where's yours?

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