Snapshots from Phnom Penh

{ November 2012 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia }

Spent three days in Phnom Penh - a much needed holiday after a long hiatus from travelling! Bought the tickets at the last minute, with minimal planning, but armed with Lonely Planet, of course. It was our second trip to Cambodia, the first being the amazing and fabulous Angkor Wat in Siem Reap about 4 years ago.  

The trip was pretty relaxing. Walked around the town, with lots of tuk tuk rides in between. Visited some "wat" (temples) and walked around the markets. Had coffee in various cafes, and ate a lot of Cambodian food (no tarantulas, though!). 

Just the right mix of culture and relaxation for us. Here are some snapshots taken from my trusty iPhone. 

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