View of Florence from Piazza Michaelangelo

{ May 2011 - Florence, Italy } 

Piazzale Michaelangelo located on a hill just off the city centre of Florence has a lot of steps to conquer from reaching the top, and when we reached there, we realised it was just a big round parking lot. However, walking to the edge of the piazzale, the majestic panoramic view of Florence laid out before us.

Built in 1869 and dedicated to the famous Renaissance sculptor and painter Michaelangelo, a replica of a large bronze David (who has now turned green) stood in the middle of square.


As of all the squares in Italy, I love to people watch! From the locals to the tourists, and the artists and buskers, the piazza was a great place to relax, have some gelato and enjoy the amazing view of that beautiful and wonderful city called Florence.


::: Footnotes :::

{ Piazzale Michaelangelo } The square can be reached on foot, by car or by bus. However, be forewarned - walking up the hill means climbing up (and down) lots of stairs! 

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