{ 366 } 31.03.2012 . begijnhof @ brugge

brugge (or bruges) must be one of the most charming town that i have ever been. 
imagine having ducks and swans on your very own back canal. 
flowers on the windowpane. cobblestone streets. 
amazing chocolate. what else can you ask for?

there's even the quiet area of begijnhof with the beautiful daffodils.

{ 366 } 30.03.2012 . easter eggs

all eggs should look like this!
the chocolate shops in brussels must be how all the shops in heaven are like.

{ 366 } 29.03.2012 . mont st michel

the dream-like mont st michel was like a magical town built above the water.

Planning Paris

Been busy planning for my travels to Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam, plus other places in between.  Leaving next week and everything seemed to be falling into places. 

The more I read about Paris, the more (unrealistic) expectations I seemed to have about the city. Oh well, we'll see if the city is really as charming and magical as everything seemed to suggest.  

Can't wait to share my stories with you!

{ 366 } 04.03.2012 . mango snow ice

a great break in between shopping

{ 366 } 03.03.2012 . parma ham

parma ham with melon
had it when i was in italy and i love it
had it again in singapore, and it's still good

{ 366 } 02.03.2012 . quinoa

{ 366 } 01.03.2012 . bubbling dry ice

{ 366 } 29.02.2012 . public phone

i could not remember the last time i used a public phone
when was yours?

{ 366 } 28.02.2012 . travel guides

i know i have not been very active in blogging
been busy planning for my trip to a few european countries -
paris, brussels, bruges and amsterdam
looking forward to it, but lots to plan in a short time!
so in the meantime, my blog will be relatively quiet

{ 366 } 27.02.2012 . let yourself go

share me

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