Ponte Vecchio and the river Arno

{ May 2011 - Florence, Italy } 

With shops seemingly overflowing and suspended on the bridge above the river, and a passageway built above the haphazard shops, Ponte Vecchio looked like no other bridges in the world. And, if it looked charming from afar, you have got to walk along the bridge early in the morning when the shops are just opening, or late evening when they are closing. Each of the shops are like giant treasure chests that opened up to reveal one jewelry shop after another.

The Grand Duke of Florence ordered a corrider to be built in 1564, so that he would be able to move freely from his residence in Palazzo Pitti to the government palace in Palazzo Vecchio. Part of the Vasari Corridor was built above the bridge and the shops. When the corridor was built, butchers were prohibited from selling there due to the smell and the mess. Hence, several jewelry shops took over, where they remained until today.

Ponte Vecchio, which means the "Old Bridge", crossed the Arno river. One of the most important river in Central Italy, many bridges were built to bring pedestrians and traffic across it. Walking along the river, you would be able to see many locals and tourists spending time around the area, along with people engaging in water activities like kayaking.

During our trip, we crossed the river a few times, and each time, we were awarded with different views.

Ponte Vecchio

Arno River and it's people


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