{ 366 } 03.11.2012 . it's already christmas

{ 366 } 31.10.2012 . halloween

{ 366 } 27.10.2012 . east coast park

Started the day with a walk/jog to East Coast Park - a beach side park on the South side of Singapore.

A great place to jog, cycle, roller blade or just to stroll along the coast, enjoying the sea breeze - amidst the hot and humid weather!

The reward was a great local breakfast of popiah and crispy fried carrot cake, with coconut juice.

{ 366 } 18.08.2012 . music-man II

been listening to leehom for more than 15 years
and finally got to watch him live in concert!
music-man II was amazing - with the right mix of songs
and a showcase of the talented leehom. 

{ 366 } 10.08.2012 . keys to a new beginning

been missing in action for awhile
have not travelled for more than 3 months!
sometimes, it feels like i'm having a travel withdrawal

lots of different things happening which put my travels in a short pause
will definitely try to get back to it (and this blog) when i can

in the meantime, to all of you travelers out there, 
happy traveling!

{ 366 } 05.08.2012 . saltimbanco

Saltimbanco by Cirque du Soleil

{ 366 } 01.07.2012 . spidey

the amazing spider-man

{ 366 } 29.06.2012 . jason mraz by the bay

if you think jason mraz's recorded albums are great,
you will be blown away by how amazing he is live!
second time watching mr. a-z live, and 
he is still as amazing as ever!

{ 366 } 17.06.2012 . the studious bear

spotted at ikea
he looks kinda bored, though

{ 366 } 02.06.2012 . fresh oysters

fresh oysters with cheese in a chinese restaurant
i guess there's a first time for everything!

{ 366 } 31.05.2012 . coconut

coconut @ abu siti lane, penang

{ 366 } 26.05.2012 . a chorus line

one singular sensation
every little step she takes
one thrilling combination
every move that she makes
one smile and suddenly nobody else will do
you know you'll never be lonely with you know who

a chorus line may be the original story that
sparked all the current live audition shows

{ 366 } 19.05.2012 . oysters omelette

big juicy oysters with crispy omelette
at nam heng restaurant in the corner of 
simon road and upper serangoon road

{ 366 } 13.05.2012 . vegetarian food

vegetarian food can be very delicious!
back at whole earth

{ 366 } 12.05.2012 . reflections

marina bay sands, singapore

{ 366 } 10.05.2012 . box of chocolates

life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get

{ 366 } 08.05.2012 . green thumb

if you don't have green thumb, just buy new plants every time your plants die - that's what my neighbour do!

{ 366 } 06.05.2012 . borobudur

celebrate vesak day in borobudur
it was an interesting and unforgettable experience

the temple was impressive in the afternoon
but amidst the bright full moon with 1000 paper lanterns released, it was magical

{ 366 } 05.05.2012 . candi prambanan

candi prambanan or candi rara jonggrang
a 9th century hindu temple in central java

{ 366 } 04.05.2012 . hopscotch

hopscotch spotted in yogyakarta
did you play this when you were young?

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