People of Napoli

{ Naples, Italy - May 2011 }

In my previous two posts on "People of Venice" and "People of Vatican City", you can see how touristy the places are. Venice was full of day-trippers and we could only escape them early in the morning, or when we started wondering the tiny alleys. In Vatican City, with only 800 residents, there are literally only tourists that you see!

Which brings me to Naples. Just from these photos, you can see the difference between those tourist cities and this charming historic centre. There are no shortage of locals, and really, not that many tourists. So, if you, like me, love to people watch, the best place to watch the locals would be Naples.


This charming old lady, deserves a special mention. Saw her from the window of our Bed and Breakfast, while we were taking some photos of the street downstairs, Spaccanapoli. Quickly snapped a photo of her, which she noticed, and started scolding vivaciously before going back into her apartment! We felt sorry for taking her photo, but it turned out so well that I could not resist putting it up.

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