The field of flowers right in the heart of Rome

{ Rome, Italy - May 2011 }

If you have been to Rome, you must be scratching your head, thinking, there are no field of flowers in Rome. And you would be right. The packed, huge area that made up Rome is filled with historical sites, churches, piazzas with fountains and lots of buildings, but a big vast field with flowers? No, I have not seen one. And, no, I do not mean an actual field with flowers. Rather, "field of flowers" is the literal translation of the market Campo de' Fiori. The name was from the Middle Ages, when the area was actually a meadow.

I love markets. In Venice, I love the time I spent walking around the Rialto Market. In Bologna, the main food street was unfortunately closed when we were there. In Rome, the famous market is Campo de' Fiori which, of course, I would not miss! After spending the morning in Saint Peter's Basilica, we made our way to the market right in the heart of bustling Rome.

Unlike Rialto Market which was packed with fresh produce from the land and the sea, Campo de' Fiori had lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers in pots, olive oils, truffle oils, spices and so much more. We spent our time walking around sampling some of the produce, buying some fruits, and of course, watching the locals and the tourists. And, as we have loved all the food that we have had in our time in Italy thus far, we bought some pasta mixes and spices to bring home. We might not be able to recreate some of the amazing dishes we have had in Italy, but at least, we could cook some simple pasta with spices from Italy.


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{ Campo de' Fiori } The market is in an open square right in the heart of Rome. In the morning and afternoon, there are fresh produce and merchandises being sold. At night, the cafes and restaurants around the area provide a great place to spent the evening.  

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