Sunday, 16 October 2011


a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

No other words describe my feeling better than "wanderlust" right now! Being busy with work, feeling a little under the weather, and not travelling for almost five months do that to me! 

Good news is that my Taiwan trip is coming up! For now, I'll just add on to my wish list for the places that I want to go. 

{ Click here for my wish list and a list of my travelogues }


  1. I read somewhere that travel makes you restless, and it's so true.

  2. Did you bought that bracelet? It is really nice and suits you, the traveller :D.

    Me too. Just came back from South Korea and Singapore last month, but feels want go travel again. But now I have to focus for my final exam will which coming in Dec soon.

    Anyway, have a great trip to Taiwan.

  3. Hi Flora - Yes, the more I travel, the more travels I want to do!

    Diana - Found the photo online, but would definitely look out for one similar to it!


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