Friday, 16 September 2011


My accommodation of choice these days are usually Bed and Breakfast or apartments rather than those big typical hotels that looked similar regardless of which country or city that you are in. Bed and Breakfast are usually more personal, it has a better feel of the place that you are in and the people are usually friendlier! Some of the best places that we have stayed were not four or five stars hotels!

So, when roomorama contacted me about their website, I was pretty excited and spent some time going through a few of the thousands of properties in hundreds of destinations world wide. It offers lots of short term accommodation that looks so amazing, and homey!

roomorama works as an online marketplace to connect the host with the guests, and offers streamlined and secure transactions. You speak directly to the host, but if you have any issues, roomorama has an in-house customer service team available around the clock. There are also special perks for roomorama members in many cities. So, what are you waiting for, join as a member and start looking for short term rental for your next holiday!

Here's a short cool intro to what roomorama is all about.

::: Footnotes :::

This post is written by me and sponsored by roomorama. And in case you have not noticed, there are not many sponsored posts in my blog as I do not accept all requests for reviews and advertisement. I will only accept those that are relevant. 


  1. My friends and I did received email from them too! But I didn't gave any confirmation as I'm not sure whether this is reliable or not. :P

  2. It looks pretty reliable. Will update you when I've booked accommodation with them!

  3. I am a Singaporean and have used Roomorama myself, not on a sponsored stay. I am friends with someone who works for them and that's how I found out about them. THEYRE GREAT! Especially when you book budget flights from Singapore, I often find that accommodation sets me back a lot, until I booked my villa in Bali which was very affordable! Housed all my friends so it was great. Looking forward to you using them!

  4. This looks great, like you I am not a fan at staying at the same hotel rooms over an over. After doing some research on different travel blogs it seems to be very safe and reliable. I will be looking into this for my next trip, where ever that may lead me!


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