Movie Preview: The Change-Up

Ever wished for someone else's life? 

The movie title and this tag line, basically sums up the movie. Two best friends with extremely different kind of lifestyles, found themselves in each other's body. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is a single, quasi-employed man-child who has never met a responsibility he liked. Dave (Jason Bateman) is an overworked lawyer, husband and a father of three. They envy each other's lives, and due to a freak of nature, they get what they wished for when they wake up in each other's body.

The premise of body-swapping is nothing new, and I did not really expect much from the movie. I enjoyed watching Ryan Reynolds in his other movies - The Proposal, Definitely, Maybe, and Wolverine - and I have just seen Jason Bateman in The Horrible Bosses. There is the beautiful Olivia Wilde from the TV series House, as well. I thought that even if the movie is not out to change the art of movie-making, it would be an enjoyable comedy.

Well, there are some funny scenes. Although for each funny scene, there are a few more that made me go "is that really necessary?". There were poo in baby diaper and baby pooing into father's mouth. Baby banging head against his crib. Beautiful naked wife in the toilet having bowel problem. Men peeing in fountain outdoor, and indoor in front of children. Three tattoo artists peering into a woman's vagina. Scary looking females with exposed breasts. Oh, and did I mention the countless foul words that may not be all that necessary?

All that being said, if there is something I learnt from this movie, is that sometimes one have to lose what they have to appreciate what they already have. If I need to sum up the movie in a sentence, it would be: The Change-Up is a not-too-funny comedy with a much needed change of script.

::: Footnotes :::

I caught the movie preview on Tuesday 27 September, before official opening in Singapore courtesy of UIP Singapore and The movie will be officially released in Singapore on 6 October 2011, and is rated M-18.  Watch the movie trailer here.

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