Saturday, 3 September 2011

bird cages

I've been seeing quite a lot of bird cages being used as home decorations lately, and I love the idea! It would look great just sitting at a corner of the house, or a great storage idea - say a small stack of books, empty bottles, or even small pots of plants. 

Of course, why stop there when you can also have wallpapers and small miniature bird cages as pendant or keychains! 


  1. It is impossible to buy a parrot cage cockatiel that is TOO big! Parrots in their normal environment have the space they want, and so you must purchase the largest sized cage you've got enough space for and can certainly afford. The very least recommended dimensions of a parrot cage should be sufficient enough to allow the parrot, after fully grown, to easily extend its wings as well as turn around freely.

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