Awestruck by the Pantheon

{ Rome, Italy - May 2011 }

While admiring the endearing strong elephant (or Pulcino della Minerva which I mentioned in my post "Walking around the city of Rome"), I caught a glimpse of a round building where I expected the Pantheon to be. I had to check my map to confirm that that should be where the Pantheon should stand, and it took me a few seconds to finally go "That is Pantheon!".

The Pantheon, built in 126 AD, did not look like much from the back. However, once I stepped to the front of the building, I was awestruck by the scale of it - the height, the columns, the pediment. I was actually nervous walking into the building. After hearing so much about it and having such high expectations, I was afraid that I would be disappointed. But boy, it did not.

It stood proudly as it had been for the last 1,885 years, and can you even try to imagine how many people had passed through its majestic doors, walked around the rounded interior and stood under the oculus of the dome. I felt small in it, and although there were many people inside, it was easy to find an empty spot to just take it all in.


And when we were done admiring the interior, we walked out towards the fountain on Piazza della Rotonda. Standing by the fountain (Fontana del Pantheon), we admire the famous facade which has been copied by countless of buildings all around the world. If you would like to take a break, you can either sit by the fountain, or have coffee in one of the cafe's around the piazza.


If you only have a short time in Rome, and plan to see only a few "old buildings" in Rome, the Pantheon is a must-see! Let this extremely old building transport you back in time, and be awed by it.

::: Footnotes :::

{ Visiting the Pantheon } It is at Piazza della Rotonda, Rome, Italy. The opening hours on Monday to Saturday is 8.30am-7.30pm, and on Sunday 9am-6pm. Best of all, admission is free!

{ Interesting fact } The official name of the Pantheon is actually the Church of St Mary and the Martyrs, but really, do you need another name when you are called the Pantheon, which means, all the gods?

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