Sunday, 21 August 2011

my world map

I have always wanted a world map on my wall, and pin all the places I have been. There was a map where you can scratch off the places you have been, and I would love to get my hands on that. However, while I find the perfect map to do that, I have made myself one!

I bought a world map, stick it on a piece of thick cardboard and pin the places I have been. A simple, easy to do map of the world to track all the places that I have been. It also serves as a reminder that the world is very big and for every places that I have been, there are countless more that is waiting to be explored!


  1. Me too. I also always wanted to buy a world map but some are over pricing and some are not nice.

    Looks like you had been to many places around South East Asia. So envy with you >.<

  2. Make one yourself! It's quite easy.
    Yeah, slowly ticking off countries around me before conquering the world (I wish!). =)


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