Having ramen at The Ramen Stall

While searching for a new place to eat on the phone, we found a ramen stall, called The Ramen Stall! The name may not be unique or special, but it sure is straight to the point. We had ramen (of course!), sashimi don and vanilla with black sesame ice cream.

The ramen was good, but the soup was not thick enough. The eggs were cooked to perfection though - with soft centre and creamy yolk! The salmon was very fresh, and would have ordered more sushi and sashimi if we were still hungry. They serve kushiyaki as well, and would love to try that on our next visit.

Oh! And it is right next to the Rochor Beancurd, so do save some space for the oh-so-silky and smooth beancurd!

::: Footnotes :::

The Ramen Stall
No. 6 Short Street, Singapore 188213
(diagonally opposite Peace Centre, next to the famous Rochor Beancurd)

Rochor (Original) Beancurd
No. 2 Short Street

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