Birraria La Corte at Campo San Polo, Venice

{ Venice, Italy - April 2011 }

Before going to Venice, I kept hearing about the bad food that one can find in Venice. Well, with a little research and a little bit of luck, we enjoyed the food we had there. One of the best restaurants we tried in the short 3 days that we were there, was definitely Birraria La Corte. Located in Campo San Polo, it was a short walk from Rialto Market, where we spent our morning.

Everything looked great, and we could not stop ordering! Between the two of us, we had a starter of mussels and clams, pasta, pizza, a salad mix and tiramisu! All of them were great, although by the time we got to the dessert, we felt like a couple of gluttons.

Apart from the food, I enjoyed the location as well. Situated in Campo San Polo, a small square that was  somewhat off the tourist route in Venice, it was great sitting under the sun and people watch. Then again, we were too busy eating. Hmm...

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Campo San Polo, 2168 - Venezia
Tel. +39 041 2750570
Fax +39 041 2756605

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