Where to go in Taiwan?

It felt like I have been planning for a trip to Taiwan since 2008 when I bought the Lonely Planet for Taiwan. They have since published a new version, and yet, I have not visited the sweet-potato-shaped island.

Well, good news! We are going to Taiwan for a week!

We have applied for annual leave and bought the air tickets. The only thing left to do is decide where exactly we should go in Taiwan. Whenever I plan trips, after reading about the places, I would have quite a clear picture of where I want to go - be it in Japan, Turkey or even Italy. But somehow, Taiwan is giving me a problem. I can't decide where I want to go for the one week trip!

Right now, my system of planning is by googling for the photos of the various places in Taiwan. I mean, with these photos, it is really not that hard to decide is it?

{ Sun Moon Lake }

{ Alishan }

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