How do I decide where to go?

I have air miles to claim and I don't know where I should go!

I am sure there are harder decisions to make than this, but there are just so many places to choose from! Planning for a place not covered by the budget airlines flying from Singapore, which means somewhere further away from Asia, but not too far. So, probably Europe or even Africa.

Where should I go? Which city should I fly to? What combination of countries should I plan for?
How do I decide?

London and around
Growing up reading about the British royalty and dreaming of studying in Oxford or Cambridge, England has always been in my travel list. Shall I go around United Kingdom and Ireland? Should I go to London with Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam? Oh, and how about Iceland?

There are so many things to do and visit all around Germany that I would definitely want to go there one day. It warrants a trip all by itself.

Eastern Europe
Czech, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and so many more! It would be an interesting region to go, and so many to choose from.

Scandinavia and around
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland would be freezing cold but beautiful, I'm sure. I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but I want to see the Northern Lights, among others!

White-washed houses with blue roof, overlooking the sparkling sea. Who would not want to be there?

I would fly in to Egypt just to see the pyramids, and fly back out. Need I say more? Oh, and then there's South Africa too.

So many places to go! Maybe I should throw a pin on my world map and see where it lands....

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