Canals, bridges, alleyways and piazzas in Venezia

{ Venice, Italy - April 2011 }

I can't remember when I first heard of this city on water, but as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by it. I thought, it must be magical and remarkable. What else would a city built mostly on water be?

So, it was the first city that I planned for our trip to Italy. Right after a long 12-hour flight direct from Singapore, we landed in Malpensa's Airport in Milan, took a one-hour train to Stazione Centrale before taking another two and a half hours train straight to Venezia Santa Lucia. About twenty hours after leaving our home in Singapore, we finally reached Venice.

And I love it.

The canals that cut across the rows of houses, the bridge that connects the alleyways, the gondolas that glide through the water accompanied with songs, the pretty masks that fills the many shops, and the list goes on. Sure, we visited all the must-see places as well - St. Mark's Square and the basilica and campanile, Palazzo Ducale, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Rialto Bridge and the market and the many churches that dots the islands. We took the vaporetto down the Grand Canal and watched a Vivaldi concert in Chiesa San Vidal.

But what I love most about Venice is the Venice when all the tourists and day trippers left. Simply walking around the alleyways, watching people in piazzas, sitting on the steps of a church by the canal watching boats go by - basically enjoying the daily rituals that mark Venice as, well, Venice.

And no, we did not take the gondola - it was pricey and too touristy. Like I said, I love the non-touristy part of Venice.

{ Bacino Orseolo Gondole - the Gondola's parking lot }
{ Gondolier's attendance sheet? }
{ View from the campanile - the bell tower to Basilica di San Marco }
{ Dome of Basilica di San Marco and statues in Palazzo Ducale }

{ Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute - up close }
{ Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute - afar }
{ Piazza San Marco at night }

::: Footnotes :::

{ Where we stayed } We stayed in Cà del Dose Inn for €100 per night. It is located pretty near St. Mark's Square.

{ What to eat } My favourite restaurant is Birraria La Corte - everything we had was good there! And the best gelato would be Da Nico along the Zaterre, along the southern part of the island.

{ Where to go for concerts } There are many concerts all around Venice. We managed to catch a concert by Interpreti Veneziani performing Vivaldi's Four Seasons in Chiesa Di San Vidal.

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