Postcard from... Ubud Monkey Forest

I was in Bali, Indonesia in 2009, and my favourite place in the island was not the famous beaches - rather it was Ubud, a small town in the middle of the island (well, not really in the middle, but it was a town with no beaches in sight). One of the places to visit is the Ubud Monkey Forest. The area lived up to its name - it was a forest full of monkeys!

There were times when I stood motionless due to the monkeys all around me - no, not in awe but rather in fear. But when I was sure that they would not bother me and were doing their own activities, I enjoyed watching them - caring for their babies, diving into a small little pond, eating nuts and bananas, "grooming" another monkey and even drinking from a water bottle!

Keep monkeying!
- nateniale - 

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