Movie Preview: No Strings Attached

I first saw Ashton Kutcher playing the "dude" guy in "Dude, Where's My Car?" I hated the movie and stopped watching after a few minutes. However, I was pretty impressed when I watched him in "The Butterfly Effect". He continued to have a pretty good career, but not so much for his acting skill.

Natalie Portman is an amazing actress. She has been winning awards after awards and is even expected to win the Oscars for her role in "Black Swan". With Star Wars, Closer, V for Vendetta and many others under her belt, she will continue to have a stellar career as an actress.

I would never have imagined these 2 actors in the same movie together, so I was pretty surprised when I learnt that both of them would be starring in a romantic comedy "No Strings Attached". After watching the trailer, I was looking forward to catch the movie.

The movie is about two friends who decided to have one of those "friends with benefits" kind of relationship, and it explored the question - can two friends have sex, and not fall in love with each other?

The movie ended with the two ________. Yes, I was planning to write down the ending of the movie, but thought I should not. You would be able to guess it anyway. The story line is nothing to shout about and most of the time, you would be able to expect what would be coming.

But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. It is one of those feel good movie that I could actually watch on a weekday after work. It also has many funny lines and entertaining scenes, which I shouldn't repeat here for it may ruin the movie for you.

Ashton Kutcher's role will not be unfamiliar to his fans, while this is probably a pretty easy job for Natalie Portman after "Black Swan". Overall, the movie is good if you need a break and a laugh.

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I caught the movie preview more than a week before official opening in Singapore courtesy of Click here for a list of movies I've watched.

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