Three days of relaxation in Bintan

"Another suburb in Singapore" - That is what they call Bintan Resorts which is a section in Bintan Island in Indonesia. That was one of the reason why I had been reluctant to go to Bintan after more than 5 years in Singapore, although it was just a 45-minute ferry ride away. When we suddenly found ourselves free one of the weekends in between many hectic weeks, we decided to plan a 3-day getaway in Bintan. (Well, it was mainly because all the flights to elsewhere were expensive at such short notice!)

There are various resorts to choose from in Bintan, but we decided to go for Nirwana Gardens and spent three days of doing nothing! We walked around the beach, had long coffee breaks in between, and lie down by the swimming pool reading under the sun.

There were flowers and greenery throughout the resort, and even a small area with various exotic animals. Apparently, the animals were confiscated by the custom. For those looking for more things to do, there are sea sports, elephant rides, archery, buggy ride, and lots more.

Being so close to Singapore, and with Singaporeans being the main visitor, everything was quoted in Singapore dollars. We did not even need any Rupiah during our 3 days there. We were surrounded by Singaporeans, and it did not feel like we were in another country! So, would I go there again? If I ever find myself a weekend free that I need a break from the city, I guess I would.

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