Postcard from... the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Although being from a predominantly Muslim country, I had never stepped inside a mosque. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey was the first time I had ever been in one. I did not know what to expect, but seeing that there were so many tourists queuing up in the rain, I expected it to be just another tourist spot.

Once I stepped in, I could see the huge space inside the mosque. Visitors are only allowed to be in one small section as the remaining area are for prayers. The second thing I noted was the amazing carpet. As we had to take off our shoes, I could feel the softness of the carpet under my feet. After walking around for a moment, we decided to sit down on the amazing carpet and absorb everything in.

Be it a Buddhist temple, a Christian church or a Muslim mosque, I love the energy and the warmness that are accumulated from all the prayers. And I love how, after more than 400 years, the Blue Mosque is still being used on a daily basis for prayers.

love and peace,
- nateniale -

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