Giving Shanghai a second chance

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I've been extremely slow in finishing my travelogues for my Japan trip in April! Between work and play, I haven't had much time to write, and for that I apologise!

But happy to say that I'll be leaving for Shanghai (上海) in 2 days! While the trip is going to be a relatively short one as I'll be there for 5 days only, I am hoping that it would be a much better experience than my previous trip in March 2007.

If you have noticed based on all my past holidays and my writings, I am one who enjoy culture and nature. And so, a city with almost 20 million people may not really be my cup of tea. I felt overwhelmed by the people and drained by the energy of the city on my last trip, but I am determined to try, find and enjoy the culture and the uniqueness of Shanghai. Of course, I'll be visiting the World Expo as well, so hopefully, I'll be enjoying the culture and the uniqueness of a whole lot of other countries too!

So, wish me luck, and I'll report back after the trip. In the meantime, enjoy reading my travelogues.

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