Thursday, 18 March 2010

My next holidays!

Feeling quite excited about our two upcoming holidays - a short weekend trip to Phuket, Thailand and a long trip to Japan! Busy planning and preparing for both holidays (well, not so much for Phuket). And, in between it all, I have been trying to write about my holiday in Kangaroo Island, Australia about a year ago!

Lots of images of different places are running through my head.  But, for now, it would be this image which I hope I would be able to see when I'm in Tokyo, Japan!

 {Image from Wikipedia}


  1. I will be going this year on a cruise vacation and i am very excited for this as it is the biggest cruise ship in the world. I will be posting pics of my holidays so that you all can give me reviews.
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  2. Japan in the spring? I'm so jealous--the cherry blossoms are supposed to be amaaazing!


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