Back from Phuket!

Back from a weekend of doing absolutely nothing in Phuket, Thailand! Well, not absolutely nothing but it definitely has a couple of firsts for me - going on a trip with no activities planned, and taking it slow and easy.

Usually for my holidays, I would have done all the appropriate research and planned my day-to-day activities from morning till night. However, for our last weekend trip to Phuket, all we did was book the flight, choose the beach we want to be in and book a hotel room. We did not plan our activities - no timetable saying where we will go in the morning, no list of possible lunch places or whether we will take a short day trip to somewhere else, nothing whatsoever. I have to say that it was quite refreshing for a change.

We spent the days walking around the town and the beach, lazing around in the hotel room and by the pool, and of course, went for a massage (we're in Thailand!). This was quite different from my normal holidays. I would usually try to make full use of my time and cramp in as many activities as possible. Well, not for this trip. We spent one full afternoon lazing around the hotel pool, bake under the sun and soak in the pool! And being in Thailand, we ate quite a bit of Thai food too!

I will write more about my trip and post the photos we took (if I can find the cable to my camera) as soon as I can (but it would probably be after my Japan holiday. Now, that's another holiday to look forward to!

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