Weekend trip to KL (19-20 Dec)

Today is one of those days when I just felt the itch to write, but not sure what to write about. So, I decided to write about the trip I took after Turkey - a weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur (or KL as we call it). It was for my colleague's wedding on a Saturday evening. I do not have any photos for this trip as all the photos were taken by my boyfriend, and I do not have a copy yet.

[Image from Wikipedia. Clockwise from top left: Petronas Twin Towers, Petaling Street, Masjid Jamek and Gombak/Klang river confluence, Tugu Negara, Masjid Negara, skyline of KL. Center: KL Tower]

Now, I have to admit that KL is not my favourite place in the world. I may even go all the way out and say that I pretty much detest the place. I was living and working there for a short 5 months in 2005. It was for my first permanent full time job. I found it messy, dirty and simply too chaotic to do much really. And of course, being robbed point blank about 2 weeks after I was there did not help much. I started looking for jobs in Singapore right after that!

I was walking home after a late night at work, and being tired and sleepy I walked home slowly after taking the train. Out of nowhere, two men on a motorcycle came from behind me and grabbed my shoulder bag which has everything! My first instinct was to grab my bag even more tightly, and that resulted in me falling flat on the road. I hurt myself, and lost everything - money, credit cards, keys to my rented apartment, mobile phone and everything else in my bag. I was living alone and did not have any family living in KL then. Being relatively new to KL, I could not remember any of my colleagues' phone numbers. Taking the chance that they may still be toiling away in the office, two kind strangers drove me back to my office. Luckily my colleagues are still in the office, and I stayed with one of them for the night. That incident scarred me for life - physically (I have a permanent scar at my hip from the fall) and mentally (I detest KL and was living in fear for the rest of my stay there).

So, more than four years later, I was invited to a wedding in KL. It took me awhile to decide to attend the wedding, not having been back there since I left all those years ago. Luckily, no unfortunate event happened and I came back safe and sound.

We took an early morning flight out to KL and a friend drove us for bak kut teh at Imbi. The bak kut teh was good, although the rest of the food (pig trotters etc) that we ordered was not fantastic. We brought our Vietnamese friends to Petaling Street (aka Chinatown) where you can get lots of fake branded goods - bags, belts, sunglasses, luggages - you name it! It was funny seeing how all the street vendors are happily selling their fake goods under signs that say selling fake goods is illegal! We then went to check in and rest in our hotel. The hotel is pretty good for the price and Mid Valley Megamall is right outside the hotel! We rested, and then went off to the wedding dinner in the evening. After the wedding dinner, we spent the night singing our hearts away in a karaoke until late at night (or early morning, depending on how you see it).

After a quick breakfast of coffee, teh tarik and nasi lemak in Mid Valley, our friend drove us to Ampang for yong tau foo. Ampang is probably the most famous place for yong tau foo and it is my first time there. The food is great and we ate lots! After lunch, not knowing where else to go, we drove aimlessly and ended up at Dataran Merdeka. Royal Selangor Club was having their 125th year anniversary celebration and there were many antique cars on display. We spent some time watching the parade and snapping photos of the antique cars there. My boyfriend and I then spent the rest of the day walking and chilling out in KLCC, having cakes and drinks. At dusk, it was more photo opportunities to take night shots of the Petronas Twin Towers, before travelling to the airport to catch our flight back to Singapore.

So, a weekend in KL was alright after all. The food was great, and I did not lose anything!

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