Acropolis and Asclepion of Pergamum

{ November 2009 - Pergamum, Turkey }

We took a morning flight from Istanbul to Izmir, and from there, it was a 3 hour car ride to Pergamum. First stop was Acropolis - a old city on top of a hill. The whole area was pretty run down, with lots of ruins and rubble. According to our tour guide, many of the archeological treasures were excavated by the Germans and were displayed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

However, there were still some impressive sights like this Temple of Trajan...

... and the theater with a view! The theater was on a very steep slope and very high. Wonder how they can watch the performances all the way down at the bottom...

Next, we went to Asclepion, a famous medical centre 2000 years ago. This was the symbol of Asclepios, the god of medicine. The snakes are still used as symbols for medicine today!

And this was the Temple of Telephorus where patients slept hoping that Telephorus, a god of medicine, would send a cure or diagnosis in a dream! Could this be where dream analysis started?

After that, we took a 3 hour car ride to Kusadasi where we spent the night. It was already dark by the time we got to the hotel. All in all, the ruins we visited were really in ruins, and the day was filled with lots of travelling in the car.

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