The bazaars in Istanbul and crossing the Galata Bridge

{ November 2009 - Istanbul, Turkey }

After one week traveling all around Turkey, it was time to return to Istanbul. Taking a flight from Cappadocia to Istanbul, we started off exploring the other side of Istanbul in the afternoon. We went to the Grand Bazaar, a large covered area that started as a small bazaar, but today was one of the largest that I have ever seen. There were almost everything that you can think of, and it was just a kaleidoscope of colour inside!


Of course, there were lots of tourists all around.

We also stopped at a book bazaar that mostly sold books for school children and universities students. It was relatively small compared to the Grand Bazaar.

We then walked towards the Suleymaniye Camii (Mosque). Unfortunately, it was closed for construction and restoration, and only a small section was opened for prayers and tourists.

We walked along some back lanes and dark streets towards the Spice Bazaar. It was scary at times, thinking that we were lost, and remembering some guide books saying that Istanbul may not be as safe as expected. However, we reached the bazaar safe and sound. Again, it was filled with colours and great energy from all the people there.

After buying some food and souvenirs for friends and families at home, we walked towards the Galata Bridge. We had Balik Ekmek (Fish Sandwich) cooked in a boat. The sandwich, however, was a let down from the spectacle of cooking and making the sandwich.

Walking across the Galata Bridge, we saw many people fishing on the bridge. Up to today, I am not sure why there were so many people there! Did they fish to bring food home for dinner, or was it to sell in the market? I am not sure. But here’s a photo of people fishing on the Galata Bridge, with the view of Yeni Camii (New Mosque) at the background.

We then took the tram back to Sultanahmet for a final night view of the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya and Hippodrome…

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